ladybug-250425_1920In a majority of areas people use the chemical pest control because its action is rapid, but those all people are still unknown of the fact that by doing this they are not only killing the insects and pest but also the beneficial insects as well as the important menials and nutrients that are present in the soil. When these things are damaged then the growth is affected drastically, even they the use of chemicals is increased for the better growth of plants which results in the production of chemically made food.

But one can easily avoid doing this by adapting the Organic Pest Control method which is beneficial pest-600276_1920for everyone. When chemicals put on the plants ruins everything including the soil then the environment created is very dangerous for the plants to survive and more over if this is done in excessive way then the people living around can also get affected because of those poisonous chemicals sprayed on the plants.  But this is not the case when you go for the Organic Pest Control. There are till now no major harmful effects of Organic Pest Control yet there are a number of benefits from it, so let us see the benefits of organic pest control.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control:

  1. Environmental:

Farmers can use the organic pest control without getting worried of polluting the soil or the water for the organic sprays. Moreover organic pest control is hygienic for your plants as well as for the soil. As compared to chemical pest control you need not to worry about you organic certification when people use organic pest control measures then there are absolutely no chance of getting there certification cancelled, but when using the chemical measures then one can even loose his farming certification also.

Protecting plant from vermin, spring garden work

Protecting plant from vermin, spring garden work

  1. Pest oriented:

The organic pest control offers you the remedies for even the single pest species, but chemical pest control does not do so. By this no other beneficial insects, birds, or living creature is affected and also the fertility of the soil is well maintained. Most of the pesticides used by the farmers are chemical which generally kills everything coming in its way even some of the small birds and if in case there is an overload of these harmful chemicals then it may also affect the human health, where as with the organic pest control thing are quiet controlled and everything works great.Pest-Insects

  1. Cost & Sustainability:

The cost of the organic measures is comparatively very low as compared to the chemical measures, because one of the main reasons is the base of the organic measures and remedies is organic substances which are easily available in the nature, but it is not the case with the chemical measures here the base of these measures is chemical that to a poisonous base which is naturally not present in the nature and which needs a complex way of production so its cost is also more.

Now talking about the sustainability organic measures works for couple of seasons where as chemical measures needs to be taken couple a time during a single season.

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